Gorgeous Gorse Hill – A Garden on Every Street Corner

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Fri 31st July — Thu 6th August

10.00am until 6.00pm

King Street

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Banish the grey and reclaim your own streets with inspiration from this community-led garden

Our cities and suburbs have become fields of grey, covered with concrete, metal shutters and safety railings. Gorgeous Gorse Hill, a community group made up of local residents, believe that instead of drab concrete and neglected grass verges, every street corner should have a garden. For Dig the City, they have created a garden that puts this idea into action – and shows not just what has been achieved in Gorse Hill, but what you can do in your own community, too. From edible plants to bird boxes, via brightly painted shop shutters and reclaimed garden spaces, this is a garden to delight and inspire.

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